Rules Committee General Information

The Rules Committee is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of Association rules such as Bylaws, Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), Architectural Control Committee (ACC), Neighborhood Rules and Guidelines, and Board and Committee Policy. The Rules Committee is the liaison to external rule making subjects regarding law enforcement and county departments.

*Everything listed on this site is "official" board business except for information contained in the following links: minutes, reports, and related information (county laws, rules information, ACC information).

**Notice of Proposed Policy Rulemaking: According to policy #34, after passing a policy, the Board shall publish all policies in the minutes and on the website for a one month review. Homeowners may send all comments in writing to the property manager. The enforcement of the policy will be waived during the one month review and enforced in full thereafter.

Basketball Hoop Restrictions:

Permanent basketball hoops and courts may be located and used only in owners' back or side yards, subject to ACC approval, and should not be visible from the street or create an unsightly nuisance for neighbors. Portable basketball hoops may be used in front yards only on owners' driveways, subject to restrictions described below. The presence of a sloping driveway does not waive or limit this restriction. To prevent unsightly conditions, portable basketball hoops should be stored out of sight from the street when not currently in use. If moving the hoop for storage between uses is impractical, then it may be left in place, but only as described below. Hoops must not be used on or block common areas, sidewalks, or streets. The county will not clean or maintain streets if they are blocked. Problems with street blockage should be reported to Snohomish County Public Works Department at 425-388-6408.

  • Portable basketball hoops may be placed in an owner's front yard, but only in an inconspicuous location on the owner's own lot, adjacent to and facing the driveway, and at least six feet back from County sidewalks.
  • Visible hoops must be mechanically sound, clean, and well maintained. Owners may not permit visible hoops to become an unsafe or unsightly nuisance, and the Board in its sole judgment may require the removal of such hoops.
  • Hoops, players, or balls must not be permitted to damage surrounding landscape, structures, vehicles, or signage in common areas or other owners' property.
  • For safety reasons, hoops may not be positioned to encourage playing on a sidewalk, on neighbors' property, or in a street.
  • Hoops are permitted in common areas only with prior written permission from the Association. Unauthorized hoops are subject to removal and disposal by the Association, with costs charged to owners.
  • Non-portable hoops, like any other exterior change, are subject to advance written approval of the Architectural Control Committee. Hoops erected without prior approval might not be approved by the ACC; homeowners could be required to remove unapproved hoops, and may be subject to fines.

Leash Law Reminder:

Homeowners should be aware that a dog leash law applies in Snohomish County. We’re posting this reminder because of an incident where a homeowner’s dog was attacked while jogging with her dog. Her dog was on a leash, but two other unleashed dogs, accompanying their owner and a child, ran down and across the street and attacked the leashed dog. A passer-by helped to break up the fight as the owner of the two dogs was not able to get there quick enough. The homeowner’s dog did receive injuries and required emergency room visit. The homeowner was also bruised and cut while trying to keep the dogs off her dog.

This incident occurred in Gold Creek, but the same homeowner had experienced a prior attack by an unleashed dog in Silver Firs. Dogs, lovable as they are, can sometimes behave unexpectedly and cause considerable damage and injury.

Owners inclined to let their dogs run free should realize that their dogs may suddenly behave in unexpected ways. The owner of the two dogs that attacked said that they had never been aggressive before. Not only might other dogs and neighbors be injured, but the dogs’ owners can be cited and penalized by Animal Control and also be liable for civil damages and incur legal fees to defend themselves from lawsuits. Depending on the severity of the attack, their dogs might be found dangerous and confined or destroyed.

For the rest of us, we might be doing our neighbors a favor to remind them of the County leash law, and encourage that all dogs be kept leashed when out of their own fenced yards.

Avoid a heavy fine from the County........

Dumping in any area other than your own lot, including your HOA Common Areas, could result in a fine of up to $6,000 from the County! And it’s also a violation of the HOA covenants. Please be a good neighbor and recycle your yard waste and other debris in your own yard, or have the County haul it off for you – for more information go to

As we spruce up our yards and homes, please remember that any significant landscape project, or work on structures such as decks, sheds, or even repainting your home require advance written approval from the Architectural Control Committee. When neighbors see work starting, and they contact the management company to find out if it’s been approved, if the management company has no approval on file they will have to issue a Stop Work Order that will remain in effect until the project is approved by the ACC. So before you bring the Bobcat on your lot – give the management company the ability to say, “Yes, that project has been approved”.

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