Duties of the Community Association Manager 020

Exhibit 020
REV 1/21/02



The Property Manger (PM) is a company that we hire to perform services for our association. These services are defined in the Management Service Agreement signed by the Management Company and the Association on JUN-01-2000. As defined in paragraph 1 of the Management Service Agreement, the Community Association Manager (CAM) is appointed by the PM to manage the affairs of the association.


This board policy is intended to clarify the duties of the CMA as defined by the Management Service Agreement.

1. Strive to be neutral and “invisible”. Don’t support a proposal made by a member of the association or urge the association or its members to take a particular action. Don’t attempt to be an advocate for the board, any of its committees or any homeowner.

2. Don’t attempt to rationalize or hypothesize on subjects. Refer requests for information by quoting from or directing the requestor to the appropriate governing documents, board policy, meeting minutes or published exhibits. If none of these exist for the subject of inquiry, refer the question to the appropriate committee with your advice.

3. Don’t attempt to take action or commit to take action on behalf of the association or a homeowner unless authorized by the Management Service Agreement or by the board.

Related References from the Management Service Agreement

1.1 Appointment of the Agent. The Agent [the Property Management Company] shall appoint a Community Association Manager (CAM), as Project Manager (PM), to manage the affairs of the Association. The Project Manager shall serve at the discretion of Agent as Agent’s primary representative to the Association’s Board of Directors (hereinafter referred to as the “Board”). However the Board shall, upon written notice to the Agent, be entitled to have the designated Project Manager changed upon dissatisfaction with the individual assigned.

1.2.1 It shall be the duty of Agent during the period of this Agreement to provide counseling and advice to the Board and it’s committees in accordance with generally accepted industry standards in the area of community Association management.

3.1.1 Counseling. Agent shall utilize its experience, professional skills and knowledge to provide counseling and advice to the Board and its committees in accordance with generally accepted industry standards in the area of community Association management. Agent shall inform the Board, on a continuing basis, concerning legislation, decisions, tax rulings, insurance and financial practices pertaining to associations, which come to Agent’s attention.

3.1.2 Development of Policy. Agent shall provide the Board from time to time with draft copies of recommended procedures for an Operating Procedures Manual containing standard specification, policies, and procedures for procurement and operations and other items relating to the operation of the Association’s affairs.

3.1.3 Implementation of Policy. Agent shall undertake reasonable efforts to implement the decisions of the Board and the Association membership subject to the compensation schedule provided in this Agreement.