Deck Porches and Steps Guidelines 008

Exhibit 008

REV 8-20-01


Deck (Porches & Steps) Guidelines

Deck construction is determined by 2 sets of rules:

1. Snohomish County Planning and Development Services

(Reference Only. Homeowner is responsible for meeting county requirements)

a. Bulletin #27 Setbacks. Setbacks are “the distances a building or use must be removed from the lot lines of a property.” The setback distances for our residential properties are 5 feet for the sides and back and 10 feet for the property front.

b. Bulletin #21 Decks. Deck rules are provided in Snohomish County “Bulletin #21”. Decks over 30 inches above the ground requires a permit.

2. The Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

All Design Requests must be submitted in writing to the management company (CWD Group) for ACC approval by using the Design Review Form. Deck plans should have the following elements to facilitate the approval process:

a. Decks must be constructed of weather-resistant wood and architecturally consistent with similar structures in the surrounding area.

b. Staining or color painting will be considered. Please provide a color sample, if possible.

c. Porches and patios shall be constructed of materials compatible with the existing structure.

d. Any roofs must be consistent with the roofline, material color, texture, and style of the existing structure.