Rules Committee, Association Organization

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of elected or appointed volunteer homeowners.  Board Directors must represent the interests of all people served by the association, not use their position on the board for personal advantage, maintain confidentiality, approach all board issues with an open mind, and be prepared to make the best decisions for everyone involved.

The executive board shall meet on the fourth Monday of every month.  The monthly schedule supporting board meetings is:

  • 2 weeks before the meeting, agenda items should be submitted to the Communications Committee Chairman via the property manager;

  • 1 week before the meeting, the agenda will be published on the website;

  • 2 weeks after the meeting, the minutes will be available upon request, emailed, and published on the website.

As of the March 2001 meeting, the minutes shall only be available by email and the website except for the annual meeting and the August board meeting.  Hard copies of each meeting will be made available at no cost upon an association member’s request to the property manager.


Committees are responsible for investigating various issues facing the association and making recommendations to the Board for decision.  Committees shall have one chairman appointed by the board, to serve until removed.  Each committee should conduct a meeting once a month at a time and location designated by the chairman of that committee and posted in the previous board and committee meeting minutes and on the association website.  The chairman of each committee shall keep a record of the minutes of each meeting and make them available to the association in a timely manner upon request and by the association website.  At each monthly board meeting committee chairmen will provide a monthly report.  (For more definition see Examples of Responsibilities.)  For more definition see Exhibit 5.

  • The Communications Committee is responsible for the communication between all elements of the association, acting as the liaison to the property manager, all board meeting administration (including meeting minutes), maintaining the calendar of events, and the Association website.

  • The Operations Committee is responsible for maintenance of all common area structures and equipment (including signs, fences, monuments, play equipment, mail stations, etc.), the coordination of any tree clearing, and acting as the liaison to external entities including the Sheriff, PUD, Centex, Snohomish County, YMCA, etc.

  • The Landscape Committee is responsible for the maintenance of all common area landscaping, (including irrigation system but excluding structures and equipment), the coordination of any special clean ups, and acting as liaison to the landscape company.

  • The Rules Committee is responsible for the interpretation and enforcement of Association rules such as Bylaws, CC&Rs, Architectural Control Committee (ACC), Neighborhood Rules and Guidelines, and Board and Committee Policy.  Liaison to external rule making subjects regarding law enforcement and county departments.

  • The Finance Committee is responsible for working with the property manager in areas including the treasury, the yearly budget, any audits, and insurance.

If a homeowner wishes to appeal a decision by any committee, they must contact the Board in writing via the property manager.  The correspondence must include a detailed account of the particular issue.  At the next monthly board meeting the board will consider the facts and make a decision.  The homeowner will be contacted and is urged to attend this meeting to provide any additional information.  The board shall also notify the homeowner in writing of any decision made.